When people ask me how to find out more about their ancestors, what they often really have in mind is researching their grandfathers on the paternal side of the family to discover how far back they can get with their surname. We need to remember that our surname is a […]

The importance of women in our genealogies

“Livorno: due o tre cose che so di lei…” (original title) is a documentary on Livornese identities created by SANTIFANTI for the 400th anniversary of the foundation of the city of Livorno (1606-2006). The genealogical research started in 1999 by Matteo Giunti (this website’s creator) guides us through the history […]

Livorno: Two or three things I know about her…

In 2017 I had the pleasure and honor to be interviewed for this documentary on the international history of Livorno, broadcasted by the italian channel Rai Storia. The video below is from the YouTube channel of my association “Livorno delle Nazioni“. If you need to, you can turn on the […]

Rai Storia: Livorno the City of Nations