Jarrett Ross

In this Vlog I talk about some things that I have been up to lately and updates on my research. I recently was a guest on the Last Call Podcast with Six Shots Later, where I gave Andrew Phelps a glimpse into the work I have been doing researching his family. I also gave a demonstration of Geni.com recently at the Triangle Jewish Genealogical Society (TJGS). I then talk about the update on sephardic research in my family. The Henriques Pimentel family is supposedly descend from Juan Alonso Pimentel, the 5th Duke of Benavente and there is a document from Charles II which may prove the descent. I have made many contacts in the past few months and it seems we have tracked down the document and multiple digitized versions. There has also been an update in research the Nunes Vaz / Nunes Vais families and trying to connect the different branches. We have moved forward with Y-DNA testing as well as working with other researchers, such as Michael Waas and Matteo Giunti, in broadening the family trees and looking for the connection.